Snowdonia National Park - A Sense of Place

Situated between Henley and Marlow on the Thames river, the RAF centre for water sports provides calm and relaxed atmosphere to do several activities – here is the right place for whole family to spend a day outside playing favorite water sports. Please note that RAF water sports centre is a private club and there isn’t public access allowed. All facilities and provided activities are maintaining for a personnel and RAF members only.

Do you want to come off this summer at 100%? Then be sure to try at least a couple of water sports. Firstly, the adrenaline you provided, and secondly, bring your body in perfect shape, and thirdly, no girl can resist such a daredevil.

There are many water sports. They differ on the classic (officially recognized by the Olympic species) and unusual (relating to sport and active recreation to normal). The category includes all types of classic sailing (including synchronous), kayaking and canoeing, diving and water polo. But on the water, you can still have fun and a host of other, more original and extreme sports. It is about them will be discussed in this article, since the summer in full swing, and you can not miss this wonderful opportunity to actively take a break from routine.